Part-Time Retirement: Is It Right for You?

For many, retirement feels tantalizingly close. Every day, you wake up knowing that you only need to put in a few more years before you reach the joyous moment of handing in your official resignation. However, those last years leading up to retirement can be exhausting. You may have toiled away at the same job […]

3 Financial Factors Retirees Often Overlook

As you approach retirement, there are many variables to consider and decisions to make. This flood of information can be overwhelming and can lead retirees to overlook some crucial factors or take missteps along the path to retirement. Learn more about three examples of common financial factors that retirees often overlook, especially when it comes […]

Financial Factors to Consider When Deciding Where to Retire

For most retirees, taxes are the first financial consideration that comes to mind when deciding where to retire. Many clients want to know the state or area where they would pay the least in taxes. However, minimizing your tax burden could still end up costing you more if you are not happy with where you […]

What Is the Difference Between Financial Independence and Retiring?

One of the most straightforward ways to take some of the uncertainty out of your future is with financial planning. If you’re like most people, your strategy will focus on whether or not you’ll be working as you get older and, if you do work, how much. The answer typically revolves around one of two […]

Williams Financial Welcomes Michelle Metcalfe as Office Manager & CSA

November 9, 2022 (Bennington, VT) – Williams Financial, LLC, is pleased to announce that Michelle Metcalfe has joined the firm as office manager and client service associate. Michelle acts as the first point of contact for clients working with Williams Financial while additionally managing all administrative tasks for the Bennington office. As a Bennington, VT […]

How Is My Financial Advisor Paid?

Do you understand exactly how your financial advisor is paid? Knowing how your financial advisor gets compensated is an important element of the client/advisor relationship. It brings clarity and transparency regarding how the compensation works and how it impacts your advisor’s motivation—particularly if there are conflicts of interest. There are three types of payment structures […]

What is the Difference Between Rich and Wealthy?

The words “rich” and “wealthy” are often used (incorrectly) as synonyms, but would it surprise you that they’re quite different? What we assume to be a rich person may have no wealth. And often, wealthy people don’t look rich at all. In this article, we’ll explain the difference between rich and wealthy. We’ll also discuss […]

Planning for Retirement in Your 50s

Your 50s is the time to start preparing for retirement. You’re probably still working and have about 15 years before making the full transition. At Williams Financial, we want to ensure you’re taking the correct steps during this decade to hit the ground running in your 60s. So, let’s look at the steps that individuals […]