What is the Difference Between Rich and Wealthy?

The words “rich” and “wealthy” are often used (incorrectly) as synonyms, but would it surprise you that they’re quite different? What we assume to be a rich person may have no wealth. And often, wealthy people don’t look rich at all. In this article, we’ll explain the difference between rich and wealthy. We’ll also discuss […]

Planning for Retirement in Your 50s

Your 50s is the time to start preparing for retirement. You’re probably still working and have about 15 years before making the full transition. At Williams Financial, we want to ensure you’re taking the correct steps during this decade to hit the ground running in your 60s. So, let’s look at the steps that individuals […]

How Often Should You Meet With Your Financial Planner?

At Williams Financial, we work closely with our clients to help manage and plan your finances. In order to meet your goals, we make sure to stay in contact with you during key points throughout the year to stay up to date on life events and financial changes. ONBOARDING FOR NEW CLIENTS As a new […]

The 5 Essential Areas of Comprehensive Financial Planning

A comprehensive financial plan is crucial to making the most of your hard-earned wealth as you prepare for or enjoy your retirement. There are five essential areas of comprehensive financial planning. What are they, why is each important, and how can you integrate these areas to maintain a healthy financial life? Learn more in this […]

The Crisis at Hand – Russian Aggression and the Markets

At a time when many investors have become concerned about the U.S. stock market, one thing we did not need was an aggressive military incursion in Europe.  While the Russian annexation of parts of Ukraine dominates the headlines, it is drowning out any positive news about the actual companies we are invested in.  You are […]

3 Financial Factors Retirees Often Overlook

As you approach retirement, there are many variables to consider and decisions to make. This flood of information can be overwhelming and can lead retirees to overlook some crucial factors or take missteps along the path to retirement. Learn more about three examples of common financial factors that retirees often overlook, especially when it comes […]

Financial Factors to Consider When Deciding Where to Retire

For most retirees, taxes are the first financial consideration that comes to mind when deciding where to retire. Many clients want to know the state or area where they would pay the least in taxes. However, minimizing your tax burden could still end up costing you more if you are not happy with where you […]

A Message for Greater Diversity and Action

While I have promised clients that I would post updates and topics every two weeks, I have had a difficult time selecting a topic to write about over the last 10 days. The death of George Floyd and countless others, along with the protests and civil unrest across our country, has made many of the […]

Economic Risk Continues to Build

Executive Summary Overweight Global Technology Worse than 2008–2009? As I write, the window in my home office is finally open and I can smell the sweet spring air. I love the smell. It instantly brings me back to my childhood and the memory of winter breaking, playing in the fields, and climbing in the trees […]

U.S. Economy, Negative Oil, and a Beacon of Hope

Executive Summary Client Communications Good News and Bad News S. Economy Uncertain Oil Prices Turn Negative A Beacon of Hope It is May 1st! Where did April go? For some it went quickly, settling in to work from home or finding unique ways to fight off boredom. However, for others—such as healthcare workers, grocery store […]